Success Stories

Congratulations to Phagans’ School of Beauty Grads Irene Gutierrez and Amy Mumford! We’re so proud of your accomplishments!

– photos and story below from an article in the Corvallis Gazette Times

A simple haircut can be an act of transformation, said Irene Gutierrez and Amy Mumford, owners of a new salon in Corvallis, Dial H for Hair.

“Everyone feels better with a new haircut,” Mumford said. Maybe even like a superhero.

Dial H for Hair specializes in bold color treatments and its music collection and eccentric décor — which fittingly features artwork from “Dial H for Hero” and other comic books — is a reflection of its owners.

“We’re funky and colorful,” Gutierrez said.

Mumford added that it was great to do amazing hair in a space that totally represents them, rather than being employees of somewhere where they couldn’t be themselves.

The salon also does men’s haircuts and straight razor shaves, as well.

Gutierrez and Mumford met at Phagans’ Beauty College in Corvallis four years ago, and hatched a plot to open their own salon.

The dynamic duo opened up Dial H for Hair in June to existing clients and family and friends as they renovated their business space in the basement of Madison Plaza. They started going full swing with the new salon in November.

Gutierrez and Mumford said that giving back to the community is important to them, and they donate haircuts to people going through challenging times, including teens at the Jackson Street Youth Shelter and the Children’s Farm Home and women who have just gotten out of incarceration or who are in drug treatment programs.

“Part of what we wanted to do was to help the community that has been really great for us,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez and Mumford also volunteer to do hair for the Majestic Theatre and its programs.

The business partners said they had been through uncomfortable situations in their past, but now they’re finally in a position where they can help.

“It’s not about the money for us. It’s about creating a better community around us,” Gutierrez said.

Dial H for Hair, 425 S.W. Madison Ave., is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information about Dial H for Hair, call 541-360-0165, email, go to or visit the business’ Facebook page.

Meet Frank Cammarata – another graduate success story of the Barbering Program at Phagans’ School of Beauty in Salem.

Frank Cammarata Graduate Success Story

We’re doubly proud of Frank’s accomplishments, because not only is he already a successful barber, but Frank is also a Navy Veteran who proudly served our country.  For Veterans Day coming up, and every day, we want to honor Frank and all of our graduates, current students and staff who have served in the military.

After graduating in April 2016, Frank began working at Local Boys Barber Shop in Salem. The shop was very busy when he started there, often turning away clients because there was no one available to help them.  So since he started, he has had ‘all kinds of clientele from the overflow in the shop.’  Frank also has built his own clientele from talking to people and then treating them right.  Frank says that in the short time he’s been there, he is doing even better than he thought he would.

When asked why he wanted to become a barber, Frank told us that he once visited a barber shop in San Diego that was really cool and different from any other place he had been too. After returning to Oregon, he found Local Boys Barber Shop and it also had that same cool atmosphere.  Frank ended up becoming friends with the people who worked there, and it was partly because of the encouragement of these barbers that Frank decided to become a barber as well.

Frank says that after being in the military, one of the things he really likes about this career is the flexibility.  This career gives him the freedom to create his own schedule.  Frank also says, “It’s a career where you can work as hard as you want and make as much money as you want.  It’s all in your own hands.”

What Frank says he appreciates most about his time in school at Phagans’ was the hands on experience and the experience in working with customers.  Learning how to talk to people and to treat people was really important.  Now, looking back, it was one of the most eye-opening things about school.  Frank believes that the customer service skills he learned are equally as important as the hair cutting skills.

Franks words of wisdom to current students: “Stick with it.  School gets tough some times, and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But it will be over before you know it, and you will find yourself if a good career.”

We asked if Frank was happy with his career so far – he said “yes” and that in addition to the flexibility, he loves being able to connect with people and getting to know people.  From serving his country, to serving his clients, Frank continues to engage in meaningful work, making a positive difference in people’s lives, one client at a time.  Thank you Frank!

Tristin Coppin: A Great Career with Flexibility


After graduating from Phagans’ Central Oregon Beauty College in Bend in 2005, Tristin started her beauty career at Chop Hair near downtown Bend. She has been there ever since.  As an independent contractor, Tristin loves being her own boss – in fact, she says she loves everything about her career.

“Hair is one of the best things you can do!” says Tristin.  From the instant gratification of having clients leave within 30 to 60 minutes with a big smile on their face, to being able to make your own schedule, to being able to write off travel when attending educational events, this career has been a great fit.

Tristin also says that you can make good money, if you’re smart with it. She recommends that new graduates just starting out, and even students while still in school, should focus on saving and not spending.  In this business, you will get cash & it can be easy to just spend it, but that won’t help you long term.

Since leaving school, Tristin started her family and has had two children.  She says this has been a fabulous job to have when entering motherhood because you can make your own hours.  When she first had her children, she worked evenings and weekends so that she could trade off child care responsibilities with her husband.  Now Tristin works anywhere from 25 to 40 hours per week and is able to schedule her work time when she wants.

Tristin was able to build her solid clientele within about year because she treats her clients like gold.  She has never advertised, relying instead on word of mouth referrals.  She is as busy as she wants to be & is now able to take referrals  only from the clients she chooses – “It’s a good place to be!”  Tristin believes that her interactions with her clients are just as important as the hair services she gives.  She focuses her full attention on clients, and advises: “Don’t be chatting to the stylist next to you about what you did the night before.”

Some other words of wisdom for new graduates from Tristin:

“Get on a budget and get yourself financially squared away and get a good tax person.”

“Find an environment where you can thrive.”

“Your support system is important to your success.”

We also asked Tristin if there was anything she wished she had done differently – she told us that she only wished that she had started this earlier;  her parents made her go to college before she decided to change careers to do what she really wanted.  Tristin, we’re delighted that you love what you do and are so proud that you’ve created your career to fit the lifestyle you want to live.  Best wishes for your continued success.

Big Derrick’s Barber Shop

Big Derrick's Barber ShopMeet Derrick, a successful grad from Phagans’ School of Beauty in Salem. Nearly one year ago, Derrick opened his own Barber Shop, “Big Derrick’s” and because of it’s success, is currently working on plans to open a second location. Derrick’s favorite part of his Barbering Career is talking to everyone – he loves it when people laugh, enjoy their conversations & keep coming back. Derrick’s shop has a very diverse clientele – he doesn’t cater to just one specific demographic. Many days the shop is so busy that there’s often a wait for a haircut or shave. On New Year’s Eve, the wait was up to three hours, and guests enjoyed their wait with playing pool, complimentary beverages and just hanging out.

Payton (the barber in the back right of the photo) is another Phagans’ grad, and his guest, Sean says that he appreciates the great people in the shop and how they always treat him with respect. Sean also says that Big Derrick’s is one of the few places that shave with a straight razor, and says they do a great job with it on his sensitive skin.

About his Phagans’ experience, Derrick says he “learned a lot there,” and appreciated the advising meetings where he built up a great rapport with campus Director, Tracy J. While going through his Barber program, Derrick was a single dad, and every day, dropped his kids off at school then came to Phagans’ and then picked his kids up at their school after he completed his day at his school.

Derrick, we admire your dedication and are so proud of your great success. We wish you all the best in your future!

Marit Grimes

A graduate of Phagans’ Beauty College in Corvallis, Marit Grimes has a passion for esthetics!  Regarding her Phagans’ experience, Marit says that it was the “best decision of my life!” According to Marit, school was both fun and hard work.  She made lots of new friends and thinks it’s great to know so many people in the industry.  Marit also said, “The educators make my experience a positive one!”

Marit has completed additional esthetics training with Dermalogica in California, and recently finished in the top 3 of a Microdermabrasion District Competition.  Congratulations Marit, and best wishes in your career at Ulta Beauty in Corvallis!

Marit Grimes Phagans' Graduate
Marit’s Words of Wisdom for Current Students:

Never stop learning and growing.  Market yourself!

Anita Larsen: Medical Aesthetician

Anita Larsen Medical AestheticianAnita Larsen is a Medical Aesthetician at Cascade Faces in Bend Oregon.  She is a licensed Esthetician and Nail Technologist, a Certified Esthetician and Nail Technology Educator.  Anita has advanced training in FotoFacial RF, Erbium Lasers, Dermaplane treatments, and Physician Grade Chemical Peels. In addition to these services, Anita also offer facials, waxing, and tinting services, and is an expert in skin care analysis and treatment.

Because of her love of a challenge and desire to keep learning and growing, Anita has taken advantage of many different opportunities in the professional beauty industry.  Before starting at Cascade Faces, Anita has worked as a Nail Tech, Opened her own Day Spa, worked in the medical field as an esthetician with a cosmetic laser physician and also taught students as a Professional Educator at Phagans’ Central Oregon Beauty College.

Click Here to read and be inspired by Anita’s full story – it’s been a wonderful journey!

Brian Smith

Brian Smith was on his way to culinary school when a newfound Texan friend suggested beauty school seemed to be a better fit. Since trading a chef knife for cutting shears, Brian hasn’t looked back from the world of hair.  He graduated from Phagans’ Central Oregon Beauty College in 1991, acquired Precision Cutting advanced training at Vidal Sassoon, and is consistently attending workshops and training to further hone his skills and deepen his knowledge of technique. Currently, Brian owns ‘House of Smith,’ a luxury salon in Bend.  Proof of his cutting techniques and color rule breaking are easy to spot around Bend and beyond – asymmetrical lines, splashes of color, severe edges are tell tale signs that Brian Smith has had his hands in that head of hair.

Brian SmithHouse of Smith Salon

Brian’s words of Wisdom for students and future professionals:

Don’t stop!  Keep our hands in it, start out with prices you are worthy of!”

Kelcie Easter

Kelcie is a Hair Designer and Make Up Artist in Grants Pass at Serendipity Hair Design Studio

My journey began a little later in life than most. I stayed home with my children for 7 years and when my youngest started school, so did I. To be honest, I am grateful I waited until later. I was able to concentrate on my schooling and life experiences taught me to accept constructive criticism. I learned early on as a Phagans’ student that if I initiated my passion and interest of the industry toward the instructors, I would receive any and all the knowledge they had to offer me. The more I learned, the more passionate I became. Each and every detailed haircut, awesome weave, and amazing facial I performed, my confidence grew. I was able to accept, gladly, critiques and suggestions from the instructors; and with each one, I realized I made the right career choice. When it came to state board time, I felt I was sufficiently prepared, aced everything and became a licensed Hair Designer and Esthetician.


Kelcie Easter

Serendipity Hair Design Salon

Like all graduates, I didn’t walk out of Phagans’ with a full clientele. I started in my first salon and spent most of my time studying the other stylists. I can’t be more grateful for the wonderful group of ladies there. I learned so much “real world” knowledge. Six months later, I moved to a new salon and that’s where my career really took off. I learned even more from the ladies there, they helped my business grow, and I still proudly call it home. However, to initially help ends meet, I began subbing at the Grants Pass Phagans’. I had a lot of fun coming back with a grey apron instead of a black one. Teaching others actually taught me and I appreciate the opportunity I had to do so. After a year, I no longer had the extra time in my schedule to sub and took on the salon full time. I have continued my education with several of the online resources available, trade shows, and became a certified Pravana colorist. I have a beautiful clientele whom I love. The last two years, I have received the honor of “Favorite Hairstylist” in the Sneak Preview’s Best of the Rogue Valley – see, I told you I have the best clients ever! July 2014 marked my 3 year anniversary of graduating from Phagans’. It’s flown by! It’s truly not work if you love what you do!


Thanks to the building blocks that Phagans’ instilled in me, I learned that even though I was taught so much in beauty school, you truly are never done learning and growing. Phagans’ gave me a wonderful foundation to build upon. They plant a seed, and it’s up to you to bloom.

Rebecca Elizabeth Yanez

Bend Campus graduate Rebecca Yanez is living her dream of being a hairstylist and make-up artist on Hollywood movie sets.  View her film credits on IMBD!


Rebecca graduated in August 2010 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in doing hair and make up for Television and Film.  She has worked on many independent productions, student productions, commercials, infomercials, union productions, Hulu Original Series, and has worked with many different cosmetic brands.

Some of her work includes Key Hairstylist for Revenge on ABC and The Muppets, Special FX makeup on America’s Next Top Model Season 19, and Hair on Hulu Original Series 5 to 9ers.  Her other work includes a Doritos commercial, Vitamin Water Commercial, Got Milk Commercial, and infomercials to name a few.

Rebecca also spends time volunteering her services at local charity makeup events such as Beauty Bus Foundation.  Beauty Bus Foundation delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children and their caregivers through beauty and grooming services and pampering products as well as volunteering to do hair and makeup for informational projects and videos for local schools.

Rebecca has also been the counter manager for Dior, a Freelancer for Smashbox Cosmetics, and the Educational Manager for Sephora in Los Angeles.  Rebecca has also managed a medical spa in Beverly Hills.

Currently, Recbecca is working for Chella Brow Collection and Skin Care, where she is the Corporate Brow Bar Manager.  Her job is to open up corporate Brow Bar locations, locate talent to staff the location, train and coach employees on protocol, sales and product knowledge.  Chella was recently at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas, the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Long Beach, California, Face And Body San Jose and Chicago, and the Cosmprof Trade Show in Bologna, Italy.

In February 2015, production will begin for Season 9 of SyFy Channel FaceOff Series – be sure to watch next season – Rebecca will be on the show!

Rebecca’s Words of Wisdom:

The thing that inspires me about the cosmetic industry is that it allows me to be creative and inspire change.  I’ve always been a creative, hands-on person and I love the feeling I get from making others feel happy and beautiful.  I have decided to turn my passion into a rewarding career.  I LOVE this industry.  I am both excited and thankful to reflect this love to each and every guest in my chair.  It’s never ending!  There are so many different opportunities and room for growth in every outlet.  I love challenges and the knowledge I’ve achieved through every experience.

Loni Van Duzer

Lonnie Graduated in 1991 and worked at Planet Hair for over 18 years. Then in May of 2010, Lonnie opened Blue Star Salon in Bend.  She has also been a volunteer for at-risk girls for the past 8 years and has been a cosmetology educator.  Lonnie is inspired by the people and clients who have become friends.  Lonnie started cutting hair when she was 13 years old, and she still loves it.  She also loves central Oregon and it’s “high-quality casual” – where everybody wants to look good and feel better!

Phagans' Grad Lonnie

Blue Star Salon

Lonnie’s words of Wisdom for students and future professionals:

BE ON TIME!  15 minutes early, always look professional, it can be funky, but always professional. When you’re looking for a place to work, do an in-depth and thorough interview/walk through.  You want a place you can stay and not bounce around and have it hard for clients to find you!  While you’re in school, work on partings – it’s very important to have clean lines!

Sara Adams

Sara graduated in March 2013 and opened her own salon – Shagana Salon – where she specializes in ethnic hair and extensions. She is currently busy enough to be fully booked two weeks out.  Sara is inspired by making people feel amazing about themselves.  She loves that something as little as polishing someone’s nails can make them feel pretty.

Sara Adams

Shagan SalonSara’s words of Wisdom for students and future professionals:

Commit to school – it’s what will get you where you need to go.  Be passionate!  Sell yourself, know that you can do it & have confidence – it will go a long way!

Cindy Rapp

I knew when I started at Phagans’ that I wanted one day to own my own salon. After completing my hours for Hair Design, Esthetics and Nail Technology, I worked at two different salons for over a year, and then returned to Phagans’ and completed a cadet course and became an educator. After working as an educator for over two years, I felt I had acquired the knowledge and skills to open my own salon. So I did! In December of 2013 I opened Perceptions Salon in Rogue River, and I am doing very well. And loving every minute of it – although I do miss teaching also!

Cindy Rapp



Allie Phillips

Allie Phillips is a Stylist at HeadQuarters Day Spa in Grants Pass.

I’ve had a passion for cosmetology since I was just a little kid. All throughout high school I knew beauty school was for me. After I graduated I got enrolled as soon as I could. Started beauty school 2 months after graduating. I was ready to start my career. I honestly enjoyed my beauty school experience. It truly gets you prepared for the real world. I had some amazing educators that helped get me to where I am now. To this day they still continue to teach me whenever its needed.  After being licensed for only a little less than a year, I have achieved an almost full clientele. I continue to obtain more education so I can offer my clients excellent service. I perform hair services from simple bang trims to smoothing services, nails, and waxing. It’s what I love to do and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



Chelsea Dixon

Chelsea graduated from Phagans’ Newport Academy of Cosmetology Careers in Esthetics and Nail Technology in 2013.

Chelsea’s dream was to open a Salon with her sister who is currently a fantastic Hair Stylist. After completing Esthetics and Nail Technology, she immediately took her exams and moved to The Dalles, and in May 2013, Venn Salon had their Grand Opening.

Chelsea says she couldn’t be happier and having a profession that makes clients feel good and they are excited to be there is very rewarding!

Chelsea Dixon

Ashley Potter

Ashley graduated in 2009 from Phagans’ Newport Academy of Cosmetology Careers with nothing but success in mind!

After completing Hair Design, Esthetics and Nail Technology, Ashley took her exams right away and was eager to start her career at The Fine Line in Newport in October 2009.

Ashley still currently works full time at The Fine Line and has a very large extremely satisfied clientele and then shared her talent as an Educator at Phagans’ one day a week for a number of years.

Ashley says she wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. Very Rewarding!