Full-service men’s barbershops and male-focused salons are everywhere, meeting the growing demand for a comfortable, male-oriented space where men can get a great haircut and experience a relaxing, rejuvenating shave. Our barbering program features hair cutting, hair styling, men’s shaving and grooming, basic skin care and basic hairpiece instruction.

The Barbering program is 1350 clock hours, depending upon your schedule and attendance it takes approximately 8 months to complete.

Our programs are taught in a systematic, step-by-step, hands-on approach that use engaging and personal attention delivery methods – we want our students to be confident and successful.

It all starts with the basics in our pre-clinic classes where we teach how to sculpt (cut) the 4 basic forms – that when combined, can create any hair design you can dream.  In Oregon, the Barbering program also includes hairstyling, so many portions of the barbering course are taught in conjunction with the hair design course.  Also in pre-clinic class, we teach basic skin care and facial services.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”  – Kobi Yamada

After completing the pre-clinic classes, our students begin practicing in our largest classroom – the student salon.  Students are closely supervised and assisted by experienced and licensed professional educators who provide encouragement and support as students continue learning on real people. Learning to communicate with your clients and understand their needs, providing excellent customer service and learning how to recommend professional products are some of the soft skills students practice along with the technical skills of barbering.

Some other features of our programs:

  • Students progress through our programs in levels
  • Weekly lab classes build upon the skills developed in pre-clinic – our courses are designed to keep students learning the entire time they’re in school
  • Academic classes prepare students for the state licensing exam and consumer safety
  • Career development classes teach students the business basics of the professional beauty industry
  • Written and practical evaluations so students can monitor the development and progression of their knowledge and technical skills
  • Individual progress meetings with the campus Director every 7 weeks keep students informed of how they’re progressing through the program and help to keep them on track


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