Points of Difference

Edge Manual
Our career development classes teach you many of the soft skills needed to thrive in the professional beauty industry. Detailed business classes teach you how to set goals, manage costs, network, build your client base, and market yourself. We also spend a lot of time helping you learn and refine your customer service skills to help show you how to develop a loyal client following.


Practical Class

Hands-on Lab Classes throughout your program

At our colleges, after you’ve completed the initial classroom training, or “pre-clinic,” you will also be scheduled for additional “lab classes” throughout the entire your enrollment. These unique classes are intentionally designed to build on concepts you’ve already learned and are geared specifically to the level – freshman, sophomore, junior, senior – you are in. Just as there are specific classes you take in traditional 4-year college to earn a degree, at Phagans’, there are specific classes you will take to meet the program graduation requirements. Here are just a few:
  • #230: High and Low of it – Weaving and Slicing Techniques
  • #301: Razor Techniques: Arcing & Etching
  • #391: Job Shadow Salon Visits
  • #171: Gel Nails Light Systems
  • #362: Day at the Spa: Face and Body Treatments.
  • Ask to see the list of the 70+ lab classes we offer during your personal admissions appointments!


Level Evals
At each level of your program, you will take written and practical evaluations. This will help us and you determine how well you have mastered the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to the next level of your program. Our goal is to prepare you to successfully pass the practical exams and state licensing written exam to become a certified beauty professional. Moreover, we want you to be confident of your abilities once you graduate.


Internationally known curriculum for hair, skin and nails

We are committed to providing you with relevant information, training and skills, so in conjunction with the curriculum we have designed and developed, we also use systems that have proven to be effective from internationally recognized industry leaders. Therefore, we’ve partnered with – Pivot Point International for Hair Design curriculum, Dermalogica for skin care products and esthetics curriculum, and OPI for nail technology products and curriculum.



Professional Products

We use professional products to give you real salon world experience. This allows you to practice using and the art of recommending professional products while you are enrolled in school.


We offer two schedules to fit your life: 40 hours a week will allow you to complete school and enter your new career faster, or 30 hours a week is a great option if you want to work while going to school, as many of our students do.
Once you complete your chosen program by meeting the graduation requirements you will be eligible to take your Oregon state board exam(s) to work as a certified professional in the beauty industry within the state of Oregon.


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